The manufacturing process is similar to that of noodles, but the ingredients are different. Potato flour, salt and water are mixed and pressed through a special forming nozzle.

This results in the individual forms which are then dried and can be stored for a very long period in this condition without any loss of quality.
  Baked Products

Pretzels and salted snacks are produced using lightly salted yeast dough. The dough is rolled into thin sheets (see also crackers) and mould into the right shape.
In the next stage, a mild salt solution is applied to the raw dough and afterwards the dough is sprinkled with grained salt. Now the dough is baked in a special oven. The crunchy pretzels can be packed immediately afterwards.

Crackers are one of the salted savouries classics, loved by snack-food fans of all ages. Crackers are manufactured normally using wheat dough, but could also be produced using other cereals like wholemeal, rye or even potatoes.
The finished dough is rolled into strips over so-called laminators or band formers, then these strips get the necessary thickness by rollers.
The required forms (crackers) are then cut out or shaped. The small dough forms are treated depending on the recipe (e.g. with crème fraîche) or sprinkled (e.g. with sesame seed).
The seasoned dough forms are finally baked in the oven until they get their attractive gold-brown colour.
  Direct Extruded Products

Most of the direct extruded products are made of peanuts and corn. During the manufacturing process, corn flour is fed through a hopper into an extruder, where it is subjected to high levels of pressure.

This pressure generates heat which results in an expansion of the corn dough.

The corn dough is fed through numerous narrow nozzles and cut to the required size. Finally the product receives its taste in the seasoning drum.
  Other Products

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